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The Spearman Spice Box




Looking for the perfect Christmas gift!? We have got you covered girl!

Box o' Sh*t contains 4 bottles of the Spearman Spices. Aw Sh*t, Bull Sh*t, Special Sh*t, and Good Sh*t. Know someone who loves grill out or cook? Or maybe want to treat yourself? This is the perfect gift!

Stick a bow on it and get sh*t done this Christmas!

AW Sh*t: If you want a little extra kick, then this hot and spicy seasoning is great for chili, Mexican food, blackened fish, and deviled eggs.

Bull Sh*t: Specifically blended as a beef steak seasoning, many folks find it is awesome on pork steak, all kinds of pork and beef roasts, and some even favor it for chicken. Now that's some Sh*t!

Special Sh*t: An all-purpose seasoning to be used on vertically any type of meat you can think off. It's also good with vegetables, potatoes, and popcorn.

Good Sh*t: This sweet and salty seasoning is right at home when used when used with chicken wings, pork ribs, and trail mix/trash. 

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