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Warehouse Address:

132 Hwy 82 West, New Boston, TX 75570


Owner/Founder: Dana
Dana began the Gypsy Waltz brand after quitting her high school teaching career and selling her one of a kind handmade jewelry and funky, re-loved vintage goods at Canton Trade Days in late 2014.  It was only 2 months into doing Canton Trade Days that she realized she couldn't keep up with the demand for her hand crafted goods, along with her wholesale accounts to other boutiques.  She then decided to add in boutique style clothing to compliment her unique style of jewelry, boots, and other baubles in order to stay afloat.  It wasn't long before this decision turned into a full-on boutique being ran from her home and she had to hire on help to keep up with the orders pouring in from social media outlets. Fast-forward to January of 2016, and after lots of growth (and prayers!), Dana was able to open the doors to the first Gypsy Waltz storefront in Chandler, Tx.  With an influx of online ordering, she decided it was time to get an official website and was launched in January of 2017 to streamline the ordering process for customers all over the United States. Another small hop, skip, and jump, and after welcoming baby #2 in June of 2017, Dana opened her second store front shortly after in Tyler, Tx in September.  All the while, her online business continued to grow its reach to state after state after state.  After much deliberation, the Chandler storefront was closed to the public in January of 2018 and transitioned into a fully staffed online warehouse area.  


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